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The Hague is the place to be for any impact-driven startup or scale-up with a mission to work on Sustainable Development Goals by using emerging technologies. The city offers a large network of international organisations, knowledge centres, and government institutions, as well as a great talent pool, and is situated next to the largest horticulture centre in The Netherlands. In The Hague, we help innovative entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses successfully. You can become a part of it.

"The Hague is a throbbing city with millions of possibilities. There are passionate funding organizations that can back social and for-profit ventures. It is also home to the Indian diaspora from Surinamese backgrounds, and offers an interesting mix to learn from."

Avinash Kulkarni, CSO at Kaizen Secure Voiz (India)

The Programme

As part of the ongoing Indo-Dutch collaboration in the Agriculture Sector, up to 12 AgFood Tech startups from India will have the possibility to take part in the Digital Soft Landing Programme this autumn. This intensive two-month online training aims to help Indian AgFood Tech startups validate their European value proposition through training and stakeholder introduction sessions with the local AgFood ecosystem in the Netherlands. The programme is fully online, and focuses on the following steps:


Digital Fact Finding


Market readiness training


Match Making


European expansion plan


  • Controlled-environment agriculture
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Post-harvest loss reduction
  • AgBioTech innovations
  • Alternative proteins

Sign up before the 4th of September 2022!

We welcome any Indian startups and scaleups that match our selection criteria:

You solve a social or environmental pressing problem and contribute to at least one of the SDGs. You have an impact-driven team with relevant experience

You have a clear reason for expansion to Europe, whether it’s raising capital, R&D or business development. You’ll strengthen The Hague impact-tech ecosystem

You have a competitive solution in a substantial market with a scalable model or technology. You’re beyond the proof of concept stage

You have received funding for EU expansion or have sufficient resources for EU expansion.

The Digital Soft Landing Programme is executed by a coalition of public and private organizations, namely The Hague Business Agency, The Royal Dutch Embassy of the Netherlands, InnovationQuarter, ImpactCity, WorldStartup, Municipality of Westland, and ThinkAg. Together this coalition brings the right experience for Indian AgfoodTech startups to explore expansion to the Netherlands and get embedded in the local AgFoodTech Ecosystem.